Introduce Our Service
At Amax Auto Group, we understand that owning a car is not just a luxury but a necessity for many individuals. That's why we're dedicated to providing flexible and convenient car loan products to help car owners unlock the value of their vehicles With our hassle-free application process, you can easily access the funds you need while keeping your car in your possession.
Car Ownership: As a car owner, you can leverage the value of your vehicle by mortgaging it with Amax Auto Group. You remain the registered owner of the car during the loan period. Evaluation and loan Amount: We evaluate the market value of your car based on various factors such as make, model, condition, and mileage. The loan amount is determined based on the assessed value of your vehicle.
ImageLoan Duration
We offer flexible loan durations ranging from a minimum of one week to a maximum of one year, allowing you to choose a loan schedule that suits your needs.
ImageSimple Application Process
Applying for a car loan with us is quick and straightforward. Just fill out our application form, provide the necessary documentation, and our dedicated team will guide you through the process.
ImageFast Approval
We understand the importance of timely financial assistance. Our efficient approval process ensures that you receive a prompt decision on your loan application, so you can access the funds you need without delay.
ImageCompetitive Interest Rates
Our car loan products feature competitive interest rates, ensuring that you can access the necessary funds while keeping your financial obligations manageable.
ImageFlexible Repayment Options
We offer flexible repayment options tailored to your financial circumstance. Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly installments, we work with you to create a repayment plan that suits your budget.
ImageConfidentiality and Security
We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your information, rest assured that all your personal and financial details are treated with the utmost care and protected by robust security measures
Customer Support
Our dedicated customer support team is available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have throughout the loan process. We are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction.
Location: N302 5811 Cooney Road, Richmond, BC